Great Lakes Culinary Designs brings together creative design minds, all with relevant, real world experience in the foodservice industry.

We lean on our experience, product knowledge, industry leading technology, and out-of-the box thinking to bring your culinary vision to life.




Meeting time is vital to understanding our clients vision. We work in conjunction with your team to build the space you have in mind. No detail, large or small, is overlooked. Communication is the oxygen that gives life to our projects. 

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3d cad & modeling

It's not just a pretty picture!

We model all of our spaces in 3 dimensions, thus ensuring accuracy, eliminating conflicts, and guaranteeing correct design intent long before potential issues arise in the field.

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virtual reality

When it comes to building your space--no one likes surprises. So, why not know exactly what you're going to get? Walk through your space in a virtual world prior to construction. Don't like something? Point it out, and we make the change in real-time.  

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Culinary Design Services are just the beginning...  

As part of the Great Lakes Portfolio of companies, we provide many options for your project.  Beyond our culinary design services, we can offer you the following services:

  • Supplying of your food service equipment and smallware needs

  • Warehousing of your new equipment until your project is ready

  • Equipment installation Services - We uncrate, deliver, set in place, silicone & seal (where necessary) your brand new equipment for final connections by licensed trades.

  • We handle service and warranty issues so you can focus on what is important--serving your customers.

GLCD is a true one-stop shop for all of your project needs. 


Real-world experience. Passion for out-of-the-box thinking. Emphasis on continued learning. Industry-leading technology. 

Combined, these experiences, strengths, and commitments form a recipe for success that shine through in our designs.

Great Lakes Culinary Designs has taken off since starting with two associates in 2015.  

Powered by Great Lakes Hotel Supply Co. and Great Lakes West, our design division was born on the cusp of the current Detroit resurgence.  Taking these opportunities, the philosophies of the proven Great Lakes standard, adding team members with real-world experience, and producing work that spoke for itself--we found our place in the market. 

Our ambition, passion and commitment to the customer above all else created a buzz. When word spread, potential clients reached out to put us to the test--and we haven't looked back.  Along with the full support of our parent divisions, Great Lakes Culinary Designs grew beyond expectations to become not only a premier source for culinary designs nationally, but also provided a single source for our clients from start to finish for all of their culinary needs.  We can provide a true turn-key experience.

The above can only be built from a strong foundation. The Great Lakes team works diligently to review where we have been, determine were we want to go and establish a plan of action of how get there.  We never skip an opportunity to learn, be critical of ourselves, or to better our processes. We use the core values below as guiding principles for our designs, our interactions with clients, and our lives. 

From conception to design to equipment procurement, Great Lakes Culinary Designs along with the Great Lakes Portfolio of Sales Teams throughout the country provide the expertise and service you are looking for from the beginning, during and beyond for your project.