Second Best Bar opening in Midtown Detroit

Owned an operated by the team from Grey Ghost (and sitting across the road on Watson Street), Second Best Bar is going to change the expectation of the "modern dive bar."

In this space, you can enjoy high end craft cocktails prepared by some of the cities best mixologists, while seated next to a customer sipping a Strohs bohemian. 

GL Culinary designs filled a very small, constrained kitchen with high end equipment to accomplish a cutting edge small plates/bar food menu. If you've been to Grey Ghost, you know what to expect from the culinary team. 

The curved bar design is a throwback to the horseshoe dive, but filled with preferred equipment of the mixologists at Grey Ghost. 

A stones throw from Little Ceasars arena, this space is likely to become ground zero for pre and post event partying in Midtown. 

Come as you are. Fill your belly. Sate your thirst. Bring quarters (because the best game of all time, dome hockey, sits in the space).