Hospital food needs to taste just like your favorite spot…

Enlisted for a full culinary design, GLCD was brought in to help a new servery that needed to look amazing, provide fantastic choices while being able to hit a dramatically reduced budget.

One notable feature was the Utility Distribution System, specified and supplied to allow for equipment adjustments/replacement in the future without any need for heavy construction.

Not stopping there, we specified and supplied a fire cement deck oven not only for pizzas but to allow cooking of a vast amount of entrées and sides while provide an amazing showcase pieces for customers to watch and interact with the chefs about.

A key component were the beautiful front of house counters, all stainless steel construction for longevity and durability while ensuring any drop-ins, prep refrigeration, warmers were placed to allow easy access and maximize storage.  All slim jim trash cans were also allocated and place within the counters with trash chute access to conceal the cans and create efficiency access for the person working that station.

With the above and other items not mentioned, we brought what was craved; a beautiful end product that was efficient, within budget and delivered on time.