chef matt - cork & gabel - detroit

One excited client's reaction to our VR technology, though it's not just a pretty picture. We were able to orient his space as it sits in Detroit to determine seating based on glares from the sunset and the window location. 

mixologist will lee - second best bar - detroit

During this particular meeting, a potential conflict in the field was caught in the virtual world--an underbar hand sink was intended to be placed with a leg where a floor sink had already been cut. We identified the issue, discussed options, and made changes to the plan in real-time to prevent any headaches in the field.

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We are living in a Virtual World...

Great Lakes Culinary Designs has successfully implemented Virtual Reality (VR) solutions into our workflow. We model your space in a 3-dimensional world, allowing you the chance to stand in your space and make changes before ground is ever broken. 

Staying on the forefront of culinary design technology, our use of VR provides results that we see our customers benefit from immensely:

  • Improved cross-division communication between design, clients, sales & installation.

  • Avoid costly mistakes; communicating design changes to identify costly issues prior to and through construction.

  • Clash detection analysis software--catching issues and conflicts before hitting the field.

  • Using immersive VR, you are a part of the scene; experiencing the reviewed geometry.

  • VR reduces the number of physical revisions, allowing us to get to design completion faster and more efficiently. The amount of emails, phone calls and meetings a typical project would need are nearly cut in half.

  • Long story short--VR helps get the doors open to your customers faster.

Example of a view from one of our panoramas.

Example of a view from one of our panoramas.

Panoramas give the ability to stand in one spot and look around to see everything.  We use these with our install team to help them understand design intent.  These are very easy to share and send for client reviews as well.

Click on this link to see an example:

Great Lake Culinary Design Pano