High-end look, feel, and functionality—in a small footprint.

Situated inside the private Birmingham Athletic Club is their new “clubhouse” bar—a bustling space for meetings, social gatherings, parties or just a post-workout beer. However, the service demands for the dining room dictated that this operate as more than just a “simple bar,” as it also must produce full beverage service for the large dining rooms adjacent to the space.

A new angle on the shipping container & food truck experience.

An outdoor Latin inspired food truck and shipping container bar at the original capital of the State of Michigan.  Bold, bright colors and attractive decor bring you in.  Refreshing cocktails, quality food and the buzz of the city around you keep you in. 

Simplicity and speed was the name of the game for the beverage and food program, which influenced the equipment selection for quick, quality service in this outdoor setting.


A melting pot of flavors arrives in historic Corktown Detroit

The long, bowling alley-like space features a U-shaped bar and an open kitchen layout surround by a mixture of two-tops, banquettes, and booths. A semi-private 12-seat table for large groups is tucked into the corner next to the kitchen; it faces toward the northeast side of Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Park. A staircase into a lower-level storage space and cellar features a blue railing and signs referencing the ill-fated Detroit Subway plan of 1915 is just one of many unique details to enjoy as well as all the tastes that are sure to please.



20 Colorful hand-carved tap handles, unbelievable cocktails and a blacklight poster wonderland!

When you have a music venue, what do you do to speed up service while not interrupting the acts?  The name of the game here was draft cocktails—and how to serve them as fast as possible. We helped establish a speedy and efficient bar to hold multiple types of ice cubes while providing quick access to glasses—so that you can pour the cocktails without cocktail shakers flying and disrupting the experience.  Line this up with a lower level space, crazy posters that come alive with black lights and tons of old-school arcade games, and you have the hottest place to have a great time, enjoy amazing drinks and enjoy some amazing music!



“I never trust a man that doesn’t drink”

Paying homage to John Wayne, the newest lobby bar within the Double Tree in Bloomfield Hills does just that. Throughout the 1930’s, John Wayne diligently and strategically honed his craft. The Duke needed the basics; simple, rustic but able to give a mixologist his tools to show off his perfected craft. Small in foot print but huge in efficiency, the bar equipment designated will be able to perform sophisticated drinks in a shotgun-quick manor.


A cozy establishment with a unique signature look.

Grey Ghost is nestled between the historic Brush Park and Midtown Detroit neighborhoods. Grey Ghost Detroit was born of dedicated craftsmen committed to the art of butchery, refinement of craft cocktails, and unparalleled hospitality.

The name is a nod to the alias of the most notorious rum running pirate ship on the Detroit River during the Prohibition era. Although never identified, the legend of the Grey Ghost lives on at 47 East Watson. 


2018 Hour Detroit Restaurant of the year in the heart of Detroit


Parc was developed to provide a redefined contemporary Detroit cuisine--the comfort of American Midwest flavors with influences of French and Mediterranean style.  

From the sweet smoky aroma of our wood-fired Argentine Grill, to the revolving seasonal menus and the spectacular views, Parc is one of the most unique dining experiences in the city.




A modern steakhouse blending classic taste with vibrant environment, not to mention 2019 Hour Detroit Restaurant of the Year

Prime + Proper determined to reflect three things: luxury, history and exquisite attention to detail.  Paying homage to the classic American Steakhouse, P + P added modern touches, all while maintaining the beautiful architecture and historical aspects of the property they call home. 

From a romantic park view that once was home to Michigan's State Capitol in 1800, to the original marble staircase illuminating the original brass, Prime + Proper gives life to design elements that have been lost over time. Prime + Proper artfully combines boldness and sophistication, and sets the new standard for steakhouses to follow. 


The "dive bar" reimagined

When you already own the incredibly well-reviewed, successful Grey Ghost--you don't top it at your next location, you simply build the Second Best bar right across the street. 

Fully opening garage doors, classic neon, a cement bar top and old school arcade games set this place apart from all other Midtown Detroit locales. We worked within significant back-of-house restraints, and packed one of the smallest kitchens to date with all the firepower necessary to accomplish their fantastic menu. This, paired with the amazing mixology team, results in one of the most unique spots to ingest and imbibe in a welcoming, comfortable setting. 

Hospital food needs to taste just like your favorite spot…

Enlisted for a full culinary design, GLCD was brought in to help a new servery that needed to look amazing, provide fantastic choices while being able to hit a dramatically reduced budget.

One notable feature was the Utility Distribution System, specified and supplied to allow for equipment adjustments/replacement in the future without any need for heavy construction.

Not stopping there, we specified and supplied a fire cement deck oven not only for pizzas but to allow cooking of a vast amount of entrées and sides while provide an amazing showcase pieces for customers to watch and interact with the chefs about.

A key component were the beautiful front of house counters, all stainless steel construction for longevity and durability while ensuring any drop-ins, prep refrigeration, warmers were placed to allow easy access and maximize storage.  All slim jim trash cans were also allocated and place within the counters with trash chute access to conceal the cans and create efficiency access for the person working that station.

With the above and other items not mentioned, we brought what was craved; a beautiful end product that was efficient, within budget and delivered on time. 


Modern Italian fare starting right from the mill

There is only one way to guarantee the quality of your product: Do it yourself. SheWolf mills their own flour, on site. The dedicated on-display pasta room, where you are able to watch the pasta being made, is only the beginning of the stunning visuals in the space.

The open beautiful kitchen, with a unique down-from-above shelving system, serves as a highly functional pass window and beautiful decorative piece all at once. In the buzzing Midtown Detroit, SheWolf will remain a place to see and be seen for years to come. 


Open kitchen + Open roof = a recipe for success

Townhouse brings a special approach to American comfort food, elevated via a fine dining environment and a unique culinary vision.

With an retractable roof atrium allowing for open-air dining among its many touches, the atmosphere rivals a dining experience in any major city in the world.



A fun new take on a deli with those old world flavors

Zalman’s embodies the core tenets of vintage delicatessens: a place where customers come for freshly curated daily selections and expect to be treated like family in a fun, yet refined environment.

An amazing stainless steel island counter helps ensure ever bit of space was used to some degree due to limited square footage. Tons of fire power allow the chefs to get as creative as they need to without having to be limited due equipment strategically placed.